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this never gets old


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Coach Inzaghi scores a brace during training. 

Turns out I have internet after all (shout-out to my lovely neighbours who shared their wi-fi password!). I will attend to messages and the like soon enough.

A short announcement:

Tomorrow I’m going abroad for about a month. 

Long story short (or actually, short story short), I may not have proper internet access, so in case I don’t - no, I’m not dead, thank you for noticing :P Have a good day.

Exit me.

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"It’s a great loss, but we are not at Year 0 — his work will not disappear over two months. We are losing a great coach, but we have terrific players and are a forward-thinking club. We are competent and solid. We must now have greater compactness and prove our worth, regardless of Conte. I don’t know why he left, but it wasn’t because of transfers. Maybe there was something that had been brewing inside for some time. When you come to these decisions, it’s perhaps because there is no more willingness to continue working together.”

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"We challenged Thiago Silva, one of the world’s finest footballers, to tie a tie.” 

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Germany 1-0 Argentina (aet) [WC 2014 Final] 13/07/2014


Germany 1-0 Argentina (aet) [WC 2014 Final] 13/07/2014

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