To fallencastles who foolishly asked me to tell my epic tale of meeting celebrities. I shall now indulge in reliving one of the very higlights of my fangirl life. Involves figure skaters and much undue excitement. May contain nuts. 

(I don’t know if they count as celebrities, well they do in Bulgaria and the skating world anyway…)

It was a cold, winter day in Poland, as it tends to be in January… okay, let me make it normal.

So, there was a big skating competition in my city and I duly attended all the training sessions hoping to bump into someone important. And lo, behold, the first day I enter the training rink at a random hour and there they are, twirling and spinning and gliding on ice in all their glory, my very favourite skaters in the whole wide world, Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski. 

Much excitement on my part ensued. When they’d finished the training and moved towards the exit, I did not approach them as I was, of course, unworthy. Luckily, some time later Albena sat down in the audience. She looked rather intimidating, what with her full tango make-up and the aura of a champion. Finally, hoping the glamorous diva wouldn’t mind this little disturbance, me and my sister moved towards her hesitantly. The moment she opened her mouth, we realised how wrong we’d been. She is the actual sweetest person on earth (good sweet, not nauseating sweet). She signed everything we wanted, and talked, and apologised to people for standing in the passageway, and was generally a little fluffy cloud of all things good and sweet in this world.

Next day was the competition day, and we were there again. Fast-forwarding to the important bits, after the competition we caught them both by the exit of the rink, surrounded by a group of fans. We exchanged a few words with Albena about how they were amazing and they should have won, and would have won if they were from a more influential country, to which she only said something along the lines of “well, shame, maybe next time”, but gave us an understanding look that said “yeah, judges are bitches”. Then she asked if we wanted anything else from her and we said we still didn’t have Maxim’s signature on our flag, so she turned to him and literally dragged him out of reach of the grabby hands of other fans to give him to us. It was glorious.

Then the victory ceremony started, so we went back to our first row seats right behind the action. (We just got lucky, apparently someone had resigned right before the event. I’m not a millionaire, you know.) We screamed our lungs out when they came out onto the ice, and then she turned around and waved at us, and the whole world saw we were her people (which we weren’t, let’s face it, and nobody even noticed, but still). 

So, that’s the story. I also saw some other skaters that week but to me, they didn’t matter. 

Is that three pages yet?

  1. fallencastles said: That was amazing, I LOVED that so much! I’m so happy you got to experience something like that, especially because it means so much to you!! <3
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